Quick URL Shortening in Opera

Have you ever encountered some of these annoying things?

  1. A Web Address is toooooooooooooo long.
  2. Sometimes they are longer than 140 characters.
  3. Too lazy to open URL shortener website.
  4. Just want to open this page on a mobile instantly.

And many other things. You can tell me.

Thanks again to the useful feature in Opera 11, Extensions. I found one extension that will help you figure out all of the above annoying things. Let’s install Shorten URL extension.

Installed? Then you will get pieces of chain on your toolbar.

Let’s see how it work, First, open any website you wanna try.

Next, press on the chain button. Something look like this will show up.

That’s all! Just copy the shortened URL and send to your friend.

What are in this pop-up? You can do somethings more with this extension.

  1. Send it to twitter.
    Just simply click on “Send to Twitter”. It will open Twitter’s home page and put the shortened URL into the message box, just add your text then press Tweet!
  2. Quick access shortened URL with QR Code.
    By clicking “Show QR Code”. It will open new tab containing a big QR Code for shortened URL. It uses Google Chart API. You just launch you QR Code reader, aim, and shoot!
  3. Change the shortener.
    If you don’t like ‘bit.ly’, just click on “Option”. Then you will able to change the shortener. The options are bit.ly, TinyURL, goo.gl, id.gd, Tweak.tk, and adf.ly. In the Option page, you can also choose whether the extension will shorten an URL automatically or not after you click the chain button, Moreover, you can also clear the history of shortened URLs.
  4. Get access to previous shortened URLs.
    Last 5 shortened URLs are displayed in this pop-up. By clicking one, URL in textbox will be changed to the selected one.

Enjoy shortening!

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