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I am both web developer and web designer. I need only 4 tools to complete my jobs. They are Notepad++, Adobe Photoshop, FileZilla, and all major browsers. (And my default is Opera!)

I don’t have any problem in coding (except finding how to use some functions). The thing that make me headache is about designing. The most headache problem I always encounter is “I don’t know how width and height the element (or space) is.”

My classic solutions to measure elements are Opera Dragonfly and Photoshop. But, sometimes it’s too slow. So, I am a hot-tempered designer! Opera Extensions save me from being boiled again. lol

My savior is OMeasure extension!

If you’re having a headache with the same problem, install it immediately!

After extension is installed, The blue icon with text “off” will appears on toolbar.

To activate it, click on the blue icon (red “off” badge will becomes green “on” badge.). Then, start dragging on screen. The dashed-border blue selection will appears. You can adjust its width and height by drag on square bullet at selection’s corners.

Oh! Selection’s measure will displays at top-left of the selection.

So, there are somethings … em, just somethings.

  1. You can’t drag on selection’s sides (top, right, bottom, left).
  2. There is no way to deselect. Only one solution is press on the blue button to turn selection off.
  3. You can’t place selection corner over Flash element.
  4. Selection doesn’t snap to element’s edge.

By the way, It’s fine for me. ;)

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