Enhance YouTube experiences with Opera

As a release of Opera 11, one most interesting feature that finally comes to Opera is “Extensions”. As you have seen in other major browsers, extensions can extend a lot of features to browser for better browsing experiences.

Some of you might be familiar with the use of UserJS to enhance browsing
experience on Opera. Today, extension makes it easier.

Let’s imagine that you’re in your room, in front of your computer, and
then your mom shouts from downstairs “Hey! My dear. You better be in bed
now or I’ll come up there in five minute!” But sadly, you’re enjoying some videos on YouTube! What’s next? You turn off the light and continue enjoying YouTube, pressing keyboard as quietly as possible. you’ll think your lovely mom won’t know you’re still up! (You’re so cunning!)

After awhile, you’ll suffer eye strain. Your eyes will dry out and start
dropping some tears! You might end up getting myopia (and that’s crap).

Let’s do something to prevent (or delay) getting myopia. Darken your screen! Em… pull your hand back from monitor control then install this extension to your Opera, Turn Off the Lights.

After the easy installation, you will get a gray bulb on your toolbar.

And then go to a video

Is it too bright? Then press your bulb!

If this is not enough, then expand the player and press F11!

And if you have to show a video where you don’t have access to the
internet. Easy YouTube video downloader for Opera extension will help you bring that video with you easily.

After this extension is installed, you will get a button under the player labeled as “Download As :” (and comes with the orange icon). Click it, this is what you will get:


Enjoy your video!

PS. By the way, trust your mommy. Go to bed when she asks you. She has the sixth sense and always knows that you’re still up!

PS. As for Finyx, my Twitter client for Opera, I will rewrite all spaghetti codes after new year’s.

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  1. Opera don’t go well on Ubuntu since it has severe problem with URL inputing.


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